working with GP-Untis for scheduling

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working with GP-Untis for scheduling

Beitrag von linhnv231 » 8. September 2018, 05:07

Hello I have been working with GP-Untis for scheduling, but still use two Excel spreadsheets to distribute lessons for 30 classes, which require a long and tedious time.

A table in the left column of the class (1a, 1b, etc.) written the cavity with the weekly number of hours (D 6 for Germany 6 hours, M 5, etc.), then into the cell, label Teacher in the cross-line. The other tables consist essentially of the same, but now with the co-worker name in the left column and the top-level class may be recognized.

This year's goal is to let the principal enter the entire workload step by step - take about three months - directly into Untis, thus eliminating tedious adjustments. But it must still be clearer still better without hinzukriegen great effort on the current Excel worksheet with its compression representation and all its subformats (colors for coupling etc).

All in all, this development effort (including the preparation of proper window groups, etc.) made me almost the whole week of work. Because of that I did not have to join and compare, and the next time I tried to make the gpn file for the headmaster relatively low.

Is there a way to do it with Untis?