Shortcuts in Untis

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Shortcuts in Untis

Beitrag von krt » 6. Oktober 2015, 12:31

Newsletter vom 6.10.2015

Wussten Sie, dass Strg + K in Untis alle Fenster schließt? Nein? Dann interessiert Sie vielleicht folgendes Dokument, in dem wir diesen und andere nützliche Shortcuts zusammengefasst haben. ... _Untis.pdf
Kerstin Ruiz Torrubiano

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Re: Shortcuts in Untis

Beitrag von pemathez » 10. November 2015, 15:53

Thanks for this shortcut's quick help. I'm facing a problem using shortcut since you introduce the ruber in Untis 2015 (that's why I'm still on Untis 2014): The shorcuts doesn't work well in few windows and the navigation in the ruber is quite hard (using alt and then left-right-up-down arrow key, but that's not the main problem).

For example, when you open the "info-horaire" windows (french version of Untis, sorry :roll: ) you can only navigate with tab inside the grid, but the "Alt-F" to close the windows or "Alt-E" to export the timetable are not working, but are underline (Export) so it should work I think.

I need this function as I automate the publication process (I've got about 30 to 40 timetables to publish a year) with shortcut and it's very hard to simulate mouse click during the process (depending the screen res), but maybe I haven't found a key which could help me to realise this ? Could you help me to have the same feature as in Untis 2014 ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! P-E Mathez