Special duty outside the time frame

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Special duty outside the time frame

Beitrag von Rebeka » 24. September 2020, 15:05


in our BK, for example, lessons on Monday only take place until the eighth hour (until 2.15 p.m.). This is also set in the time grid in Untis2010. Now, as an exception, tests are also taking place outside of this time frame, e.g. until 4:00 p.m. How can this actual examination time, i.e. up to 4 p.m., be noted in the substitution plan and ultimately also billed? Thank you for an answer.

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Re: Special duty outside the time frame

Beitrag von quiclic » 25. September 2020, 10:18

Hello Rebeka,

You can make a booking only in WebUntis or you must change the grid.

Yours, Marc
Marc Fehrenbacher, Feintechnikschule, Baden-Württemberg