Big issues with external elements

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Big issues with external elements

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My apologies for the English German is definitely not good enough for a decent post.

We're experiencing really big issues with Untis multi-user 2014 and the Dutch supplier is not able to find a cause or solution. We have been offered to create a clean database, but without any guarantee for a solution, this would have too much of an impact.

The issue is as follows: We have setup multiple schools, with many (about 100) rooms setup as external elements. This all works as it should: a lesson made by one school, is visible by the other schools. So far, so good.

However, for whatever reason (and we need to find out why): The lesson disappears in the other schools. It's still visible in the school that created the lesson, but disappears for the other schools. Only when we make a change to the lesson again, it becomes visible for the other schools again.

As you can understand, this results in a big chaos in or school. We need to find out why the lesson is no longer visible for the other schools. It appears that 'something' happens that causes Untis not to consider the room as an external element anymore, but what could cause this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

With best regads,
Johan Meerkerk