Office 365 login - Status 401 Unauthorized

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Office 365 login - Status 401 Unauthorized

Beitrag von Khair01 » 19. April 2021, 02:20

We have already successfully used Office 365 registration throughout the last school year and there were no problems whatsoever when starting WebUntis from the Office 365 portal or directly via WebUntis and entering the corresponding access data.
Since this school year the following error message has been displayed (in all browsers)

HTTP Status 401 - Unauthorized
Type Status Report
Message Authentication Failed: Got HTTP error code from OAuth2 provider: 401
Description The request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

However, according to the Windows Azure logon log, the logon status is "Success"

Please help, where the error could be - Thank you in advance!