Problem: Assign / Delete Room Window

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Problem: Assign / Delete Room Window

Beitrag von Nandu01 » 25. März 2021, 22:36

I am currently in the post-processing of the timetables and would like to correct the room allocation afterwards. The following problem arises: After some room editing and closing the window, it no longer opens. If I close the file or worse, if I have completely closed Untis and then restart it, it works again a few times. And it starts all over again! In addition, in the event of incomprehensible actions, the timetable view of the classes (KLA 1) turns gray, ie it can no longer be activated. That means I close it and then go to timetable formats ....... activate it again and ...... after a few actions it starts all over again. The whole thing strains my patience a little! : x : x But why is it like that?

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Re: Problem: Assign / Delete Room Window

Beitrag von quiclic » 26. März 2021, 07:45

Close Untis. Take windows-explorer to %appdata%\Roaming\Untis or C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Untis
Rename unti.ini and views.ini.
Start Untis. Hope for the best 😱😅

If you use WebUnits copy from the renamed untis.ini the lines from Servername to secret.

Greetings, Marc
Marc Fehrenbacher, Feintechnikschule, Baden-Württemberg