Problem with planning rooms ?.

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Problem with planning rooms ?.

Beitrag von jackyjoy123 » 13. Februar 2021, 04:39


After installing the new version 2006 we have a problem with the planning of rooms.
In several lesson couplings, we have assigned a subject room several times, in the hope that Untis will use alternative rooms when planning or, if that does not work, it will result in a diagnosis error. We have been successful with this approach in recent years.
But now for the first time we have the problem that no error message appears, which is why the error was only noticed after the plan was printed. Even more hearty: In a lesson coupling no rooms were entered at all, (shouldn't actually occur, I know this coupling was also planned without complaint without notification.
There is sure to be a user error again, but we cannot find the point where a suitable tick will solve the problem.